Model repair and construction services
 I offer my repair services for all types of models.   Some examples are shown below. I have repaired many models, but some clients asked that I not use their photos here.   I also offer custom model  building services for other types of models both industrial and for the historical collector.  Please scroll down   to see some of my creations and capabilities.  Contact me for a free estimate. I am also available for local  in house repairs,  should you have a lobby display  in need.
The worst damage I have had to repair to date. The deck house came lose in overseas transit and removed most everything else from the deck. Note in the 2nd picture from the left that the bow has also been broken off.
  The two right photos show the model repaired and ready to be displayed at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston. 
These two models are new construction. Small scale 1/1000 for presentation to customers. The Jack Up Legs and derricks are etched brass.
This is a 1/35 scale model of a Sherman as used in the Pacific campaign. The special markings on the hull sides are hand painted.
    $400.00   including shipping and insurance within the Continental USA 
Above is a scratch built 1/35 Christie T-3. This tank made in the USA became the predecessor to the famous Russian T-34 tank used in WW-II
​      $400.00  including shipping and insurance within the Continental USA
This diorama was inspired by a war time pencil sketch of a early morning parol in the Ruhr Valley of Germany. The Hearse is scratch built and the figures are of various manufacture. The model is 1/35 scale. The Ivy and gate are etched brass  aftermarket parts.
    $1500.00  includes shipping and insurance within the continental USA
The first Sherman. The prototype for many to come. a 1/35 scale conversion. The figure is converted from several plastic figures .
  $350.00 includes insurance and shipping within the continental USA
RUN FOR COVER!!  Vietnam 1969  120mm figure by Verlinden .
   $150.00 includes US Shipping and Insurance
Wake Island Defender in 1/32 scale. The gun is a white metal water cooled .50 cal of unknown make. The figure is a modified Airfix Multi pose plastic figure.
​   SOLD
Scratch built 1/32 scale Heath Baby Bulett race plane
​  $400.00 includes US shipping and insurance
1/48 Williams Brothers For Flivver
  $100.00 includes US shipping and insurance
120mm scratch built figure of a member of the Home Guard in Germany  ( Volksturm) at wars end. He is armed with a Panzer Faust (Tank Fist) anti tank weapon,  a crude predecessor to the modern RPG. The figure is approximately 4" tall

​   $175.00 includes US shipping and insurance
1/48 Hansabrandenberg conversion as built in Japan between the wars. It has a new nose with a Hispano motor also a  laminated and carved wooden prop
​  $400.00 includes US shipping and insurance
1/48 Hobbycraft Seversky P-35. The finish is a combination of silver paints and aluminum foil. Base is not included. 
This is a 1/48 scale F2G race plane. The model with base and figures was a commision job.
1/32 scale Israeli F-16 Sufa. Commision project.  A resin cockpit and wheel bays were included
1/48 Felixstowe flying boat. Sale includes the dust cover.  $3000.00 includes US Shipping and insurance
1/48 Monogram  Douglas A-26 as used in Korea.  Box stock constuction. Heavily weathered.    $1000.00 includes dust cover, US shipping and insurance.
Heavily modified 1/48 Aurora Fokker E-III.
Display base shows original instruction sheets from other old Fokker E-III kits including this kit.
  $300.00 includes dust cover,  US Shipping and Insurance
1/72 Lone Star Models CSS Hunley Submarine . $150.00 including S&H and Insurance